Dr. Rami Ben Haj Kacem

Ecole Polytechnique de Tunis (Université de Carthage)

e-mail: rami.benhajkacem@ept.ucar.tn


Dr. Rami Ben Haj Kacem have received his PhD in Economics (Quantitative Methods) from the University of Tunis EL-Manar (Tunisia) and his Accreditation to Supervise Research (HDR) in quantitative methods from the University of Carthage (Tunisia). He is currently working as associate professor at the Tunisia Polytechnic School, University of Carthage. His scientific research is mainly focused on the application of statistical and econometric methods in economic issues, particularly energy transition and socio-economic development. In addition, he has considerable experience in applying quantitative methods in different domains related to industry, biology, and chemistry. He has published several papers and has realized several projects (ERASMUS + and others) with the collaboration of national and international researchers


  • Applied quantitative methods.
  • Econometric modeling.
  • Data analysis

Main publications

  • Kacem, R.H. (2023) The Methodological approaches to investigate the impact of financial development on renewable energy consumption. Book chapter in “Renewable Energy Production and Distribution: Solutions and Opportunities”, Elsevier. Paperback ISBN: 9780443184390. eBook ISBN: 9780443184406.
  • Elkosantini, S., Hajri-Gabouj, S., Kacem, R. B., Darmoul, S., Ammar, A., Elouadi, A., Ghrairi, Z., Moalla, N., Bentaha, M. L., & Sarraipa, J. (2023). Industrial needs v. Engineering education curricula related to maintenance, production and quality in industry 4.0: A gap analysis case study in Tunisia and Morocco. Industry and Higher Education. https://doi.org/10.1177/09504222231153782
  • Khribich, A., Kacem, R. H. and Dakhlaoui, A. (2021) Causality nexus of renewable energy consumption and social development: Evidence from high-income countries. Renewable Energy, 169: 14-22 (ISI, Impact Factor: 8.7).
  • Mohapatra, S., Chakraborty, T. Kacem, R.H., Shimizu, S., Matsubara, T. and Ohta, K. (2016) Starvation: An Alternate Measure to Improve Immunity and Physiology of Red Sea Bream During Edward siella Tarda Infection. Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development, S2: 007 (ISI, Impact Factor: 2.35).
  • Kacem, R.H. , N. Ouerfelli, J.V. Herráez, M. Guettari, H. Hamda, M. Dallel (2014). Contribution to modelling the viscosity Arrhenius-type equation for some solvents by statistical correlations analysis.  Fluid Phase Equilibria,  383: 11-20  (ISI, Impact Factor: 2.6)